“I cannot recommend Mr Rider enough. He was on time, very nice, professional, & extremely detailed. As a first time home buyer I had a million questions for him as did my family. He is very knowledgeable and thorough. Thank you Mr Rider!”

Leah Gifford

Virginia Beach

“Andy was timely and punctual during the inspection as well as professional and personable. He did a thorough inspection and he concluded with a presentation of his findings in a very knowledgeable way. I feel he set up my wife and I to make the best informed decisions. I cant speak higher of Andy and his home inspection. I would recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection.”

Ryan Ross

Virginia Beach, VA

“Andy was fantastic! I was quite impressed with the level of detail and time he took on the house inspection and it definitely helped me to make an informed decision on purchasing our home. I don’t plan on ever moving again but if I did I would most certainly use the same company and request Andy to perform the inspection.”

Jeffrey Shotwell

Suffolk, VA

“Informative. Best part: Andy didn’t talk DOWN to me, but he did answer my questions. Also- he’s likable. He got right down to it and went over his findings with me before he issued the report, and the report matched exactly what we’d gone over. There’s a reason he was recommended! I would also recommend him.”

Anne Sablatura

Norfolk VA

“Andy provides a very thorough inspection! not only does he give you information about things that need to be repaired, but he gives you information about things you may want to upgrade and why. I know more about this house than I do any other house I lived in! Using anybody besides Atlantic house Whisperers is just foolish.”

Kathryn Christian

Chesapeake, VA

“I echo the past comments of previous clients. The service provided was done professionally and the report was very intensive and consistent to what home-buyers really need to know. The video presentation backs up very well his report. His insights on recommended repairs and replacement advisories are right on coupled with good source references to every category of items needing attention. Andy’s service is very well worth the cost and I would recommend him to any home-buyer in this area.”

Reynaldo and Delia Ginete

Virginia Beach, VA

“Andy was very thorough in his inspection and his overview of items that needed attention. He was very professional and cordial, and I would definitely use him again in the future. Thanks for a well done job.”

Tanya Brothers

Virginia Beach, VA

“Andy was recommended by our realtor. I was unable to attend the home inspection, but thankfully our husband was. This is our first home purchase so we are not very familiar with the process, let alone all of the possible issues that come along with a home inspection. Thankfully Andy was extremely thorough and took the time to explain certain issues to my husband while they were there. Andy was able to make us feel at ease with what absolutely needed to be fixed and what were “rookie” mistakes. Through the comprehensive and thorough report, I was able to understand as well and have complete confidence that our home will be safe. Thanks for everything! Highly recommended!”

Jeffrey and Erica Midgett

Virginia Beach, VA

“This is our third home that Andy has inspected. He inspected our home in Suffolk when we sold last summer and we were so impressed that we used Andy to inspect our Condo in Virginia Beach. So, naturally, we used Andy to inspect the Condo we are currently buying. He is very through in his inspections and answers all questions in a professional manner. His on site summary was very professional. He used his computer to cite areas of inspection with results and recommendations. His written report was through and professional and promptly submitted. He is highly recommended.”

Roy Coulliette

irginia Beach, VA

Andy did a great job. His resultant report was both quick and very thorough.

William Oden

Portsmouth, VA

“I was very impressed with Andy. He is professional but also has a great personality. I felt comfortable asking questions. Andy is very thorough, leaving no stone unturned. He did the house inspection in the morning, had his report on his laptop with lots of pictures. He reviewed his report before leaving and I had the final report by that evening. Purchasing a house, especially an older house, is a huge decision and not to be taken lightly. Andy’s inspection helped me in making an informed decision. Thank you!”

Dianne Benton

Suffolk, VA

“Mr.Andy Rider is a very amazing person.. I watched him as he conducted the inspection on the house and he really goes into every detail of the house …and amazingly after the inspection, he will show you all the pictures that he took from the house ..and explained everything in the pictures in detail … so I would be able to understand every single detail of the problems that he found and that really help decide if will continue to purchased the house or not….thank you Mr.Andy Rider….”

Maria Boco

Virginia Beach, VA

“Andy inspected our home this spring, and we are very happy with his service! We were first time home buyers that were purchasing a property from across the country. We were not able to make it in for the home inspection. Andy sent a very thorough report, video, and addressed our concerns over the phone. He is very knowledgeable about houses, and gave us great insights into the home. I would strongly recommend using him for your home inspection!”

Carlos and Cassandra Trinidad

Virginia Beach, VA

“We absolutely LOVED working with Andy. He was friendly, knowledgeable and explained things to us in a way we could understand. He had a great sense of humor & allowed us to ask questions. I feel he did a very thorough inspection of our house & found even minor things that could have been overlooked. The price for the inspection was also very reasonable & he provided a great slide show after the inspection that was helpful. I would definitely recommend Andy!!”

Thomas and Kacie Zawistowski

Virginia Beach, VA

“Andy has done not only one but two inspections on homes I’ve purchased and I can honestly say he made me comfortable moving forward with both purchases. He was exceptionally thorough from beginning to end and even suggested which repairs could wait and which should be addressed sooner. I can be a bit of a helicopter at times but he welcomed me into every space he worked (that wasn’t too small). Would highly recommend him to anyone needing an inspection.”

Sabina Holder

Virginia Beach, VA

Andy was very thorough and he made sure I understood the entire process and not to worry that he will be taking a lot of pictures that is all part of the process. This is our first time buying a house and I am very pleased with the.experience and the results. I will definitely highly recommend Andy for sure.”

Gerry Fisher

Virginia Beach, VA

“We thoroughly enjoyed working with Andy on the inspection of our new home. He was professional and friendly. We felt comfortable asking questions and all questions were answered to our utmost satisfaction. He showed a vast knowledge of home construction, wiring, heating, building codes, etc. that we knew we were getting the best advise for our money. His summary presentation was extremely helpful. I would highly recommend Andy and Atlantic House Whisperer to anyone who needs a professional and thorough home inspection.”

John Miller

Virginia Beach, VA

“This is the second time I have gotten Andy to inspect a house for me, and he was awesome once again. I have recommended and will continue to recommend him again and again. thank you for all your help.”

Trent Raiford

Zuni, VA

“Our overall experience with this inspection by Andy was very positive. Very thorough and professional. He basically had the report completed by the end of the inspection to include photographs. He made suggestions on items that really weren’t critical at all, but helpful. The presentation he made at the end of the inspection was very good, running through the report on his laptop. The inspection was in the morning and we had the final report that afternoon! Excellent! The reason you have a home inspection is to have a trained professional give you a credible opinion on the condition of the most critical components of a home, and Andy provided that along with the confidence that we were purchasing a solid home. The additional (free) service of running a recall check on all appliances is a great bonus. Very happy with the company and Andy. Was well worth the money paid. Very competitively priced. Would recommend to anyone looking to purchase a home.”

Craig and Jeanine Krenz

Virginia Beach, VA

“I agree with all the below. Andy is meticulous. He inspected the home I want to buy as though it were his own. He detailed the problems in the order of concern and timeliness as well as things that would bear watching in the future. He even went so far as to explain the reason why not to put a storm door in front of a wooden door…something that i never knew!
I liked that he had pictures to go along with his report, and i look forward to reading it.
Andy is a busy man, but well worth hiring to do something as important as a home inspection.
Thumbs up and 4 stars from me!”

Pamela Dudgeon

Suffolk, VA

“Andy inspected my home earlier this month and did an excellent job. His inspection was very thorough and he was very knowledgable in a wide range of areas. I would definitely recommend him to friends looking to buy homes in the future and think the way he performs his inspection, explains his findings and prepares his report is excellent!”

John Mazur

Carrolton, VA

“Andy’s inspection saved my wife and I from a costly mistake. He discovered several issues not readily observable from a walk-through alone. Based on Andy’s inspection report, we were able to withdrawal our offer. And, a few weeks later, Andy performed another inspection on a different house that is in much better condition. Beyond the detailed written reports, I especially appreciated the on-line slide show summaries. They say pictures are worth a 1000 words. Pictures of issues discovered along with Andy’s voice-over description of the concern serves to explain problems in a manner that non-construction / carpentry experts can easily understand.

If we should ever require another home inspection, Andy will be our first call.”

Jeff and Lisa Warner

Carrollton, VA

“This was the first time I’ve ever purchased a home inspection. Andy was great. Very friendly to begin with and totally had my best interests in mind the whole time. Extremely knowledgable. His inspection was thorough and well documented. Made the process of starting conversations with the seller much easier. Thank you Andy!”

Jim Esposito

Suffolk VA

“Andy Rider,

You are the VERY BEST!! We are so sorry it took us so long to give your rating. Things can get complicated when moving, as you know. WOW! You have been a life saver. All we can say is you are “Tailor Made”.

We agree with every single review and THEN SOME!!! We will easily recommend you to anyone who wants a home inspection. This is our third home to own and cannot Thank you enough for being true to your professionalism. We are in amazement!! There are no words great enough.
Also, the post cards and post-cards and labels of just moved are so IMPRESSIVE!!

We just can’t begin to express our appreciation! Your tips were very detailed and informative about our home and are still even now helping in so many ways….especially all the photos that help us to remember and make sure all is Good and working properly.

May God Bless you, and you never know when your services will be needed. Thank you so very much for the caring and the extensive helpfulness you have given for our “Peace of Mind”

Robert And Tamra Roper

Suffolk VA

“Money well spent. Though our new home is new construction we wanted a home inspection conducted. Communications from AHW were timely and informative and the onsite inspection was thorough and personable. Highly recommend!”

Matthew & Melissa St. Clair


“Andy recently inspected what I hope to be my future home. He was professional and thorough. This is my first home purchase so my emotions are running wild…from happy and excited to nervous and overwhelmed. Andy took the time to explain everything to me in detail and provided me with general information about homes and answered all of my questions without hesitation. Andy’s professional, yet jovial disposition made this a great experience. I would highly recommend this company to anyone needing a home inspection. Thank you Andy and Atlantic House Whisperer!”

LaTresha Barksdale


“Andy was friendly, thorough and detailed oriented. He allowed me to follow him around, ask questions, and make general comments without being annoyed. At the end of the inspection before he departed he provided a short slideshow of the items he identified which provided time to ask additional questions before seeing the written report. He was able to complete the detailed report within a few hours the next day (even on a Saturday). Everything was completed and presented in a professional manner. I would definitely recommend Andy to my friends and family to use.”

Walter and Rebecca Sibley

Virginia Beach