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44 Responses to So, how’d we do?

  1. GERALYN RUSSO says:

    Andy was incredibly thorough and informative. While many of the findings he pointed out were not evidence of code violations, his report allows us the option to bring our home up to a standard that protects our investment today and for future resale value. I highly recommend Andy to all new and existing homeowners.

  2. Mark Gavrish says:

    Atlantic House Whisperer inspected our home this summer. Being able to walk through and observe the inspection I was very impressed with how thorough the process was. Andy was very knowledgeable of all my home’s systems and construction. After the inspection and reviewing the detailed report (including photos)I feel much more safe and comfortable knowing the actual existing condition and any potential problems that could be addressed. Thanks House Whisperer.

  3. Andy inspected my home this last summer and he was very thorough and detail oriented.
    His summary report was very comprehensive and easy to understand. He was friendly and professional at all times during this process. His knowledge of home construction and code standards is extremely high.
    I would highly recommend Atlantic House Whisperer to anyone who needs a professional home inspection.

  4. Rick Hundstad says:

    Andy looked at all the things you would expect, but did stop there. As others noted, he picked up on things that should be done. I however added an additional challenge. I did have a question on if floor was level, and how far off it was. He came with a laser level and we quickly documented issue related to fire place weight on floor bending floor. I was able to take this to a structural engineer to get advice and back out of my contract without being stuck with a significant problem. The snack and water also hit the spot as we drove in to be at inspection. Other inspectors have not welcomed people to be around, but he seemed to like to pass on information first hand.

  5. Amanda says:

    Andy recently did a home inspection for us and did an amazing job. He was very thorough and the presentation at the end was very informative. He took his time to explain everything and gave some excellent recommendations. I would highly recommend Andy to inspect any house he will do an excellent job and give you his honest opinion.

  6. Anthony Elgohary says:

    We recently had a home inspection done with Andy. We were really impressed with his thoroughness and the amount of information he provided for us. He offered great advice and descriptions regarding everything, even to the smallest details. We would highly recommend Andy to others interested in having the best home inspection you can ever receive. Thank you Andy for your professionalism and great expertise.

  7. Dominic says:

    my wife and I recently had our almost 100 yr old home inspected and Andy was incredible. we were unable to be present when he did the inspection but the people who were there on our behalf we MORE than impressed. after we got the report from Andy we talked to him and he explained everything to us and made sure we understood 100% what was going on since we couldn’t be present. He is absolutely incredible and my wife and I are more than pleased with him. If you are looking for an awesome inspector who knows what he’s doing and does a beyond amazing job, HIRE ANDY!!!!

  8. Enrique Sealy says:

    Being a first-time homebuyer I have to admit I was nervous about my first home inspection. Mr. Rider put my mind at ease with in the first five minutes of inspection. There was much ground to cover so I was pleased to see Andy working at a fast pace and was amazed at how thorough he was with the home. No matter what he was working on he would stop and address each and every one of my concerns throughout the entire process. While giving his final report he addressed every issue in a pace and manner that I could understand and keep up with. In the future when someone I know is purchasing a home I will insist that they use Andy Rider for a home inspection.

  9. Amanda Simmons says:

    As a first time home-buyer, and my first home inspection ever, Andy was absolutely amazing. He answered any questions I had, no matter how trivial and took time to point out things that would help me along with the home owning process. His inspection was incredibly thorough, and his presentation of pictures at the end was really helpful. I would absolutely recommend.

  10. Elizabeth Turner says:

    Andy was extremely thorough and efficient. His presentation and report were excellent and easy to understand. He let me know what needed immediate attention and what needed to be watched closely for possible future replacement (age of water heater and heat pump). I would definitely recommend him to anyone in the market for a home!

  11. Lela says:

    As a first time home buyer, i did not know what to expect from an inspection- Andy thoroughly explained the whole process in a way that I would understand. He was efficient in executing the inspection and presented all issues in detail, even giving suggestions on what to do about the issues. His friendly persona is another plus, and makes it easy to recommend him to my friends!

  12. Logan says:

    My wife and I met Andy at our new home and he showed up on time and was very friendly. He explained the entire process to us and then got to work right away. Andy is very detail-oriented and focused. He inspected the entire house with care and attention to detail. He provided popcorn, candy, and water which was very thoughtful and just made the entire process extra special. After Andy was finished inspecting the home, he presented us with a slide show of the pictures he had just taken of each and every room, and explained what he discovered. He was able to point to the areas in the pictures while he discussed what he found. This presentation provided much needed information both verbally and visually! He also answered all of our questions with helpful and informed answers. All of this was on the actual day he did the inspection! We also received his report, (pictures and all) via email afterwards! Andy is extremely knowledgeable, efficient, and professional! We would definitely recommend him to anyone in the market for his services!

  13. Erwin Vaughan says:

    Thanks Andy for coming out and inspecting my house. Totally thorough job. It made things so much easier for me. Your attention to detail and timely work put you at the top of your profession. I will certainly be using you for all future home purchases.

  14. ARIEL says:

    Thank you Andy for inspecting our new home. I found you to be very thourough and complete. I appreciate all the small tips that would make for a happy home. You pointed out some isuues that needed to be addressed without putting fear into it. You are a true professional in evey sense of the word, and again we thank you.

  15. Eddie Jones says:

    BZ! AKA JOB WELL DONE ANDY! Thank you for doing a great job on my home inspection, I learned a great deal from you during the process and the inspection report with photo’s and comments will help me address the issues with the home. Andy, you are a true professional that I will surely recommend to all my friends and family. I surely hope that Atlantic House Whisperers realize what a tremendous asset you are to there company!

  16. Valerie Delgado says:

    As a first time home buyer I was super nervous and had no idea what to expect when it came time for the home inspection. Andy was truly amazing. I was able to follow him around, grill him with questions, and left feeling as though I learned so much new information. He was extremely thorough and paid every attention to detail. He was very up front and honest about everything he found and gave me a truthful idea of what to expect from each situation. The slideshow at the end as he talked me through everything was nothing I was expecting and every bit a surprise. It was fantastic to see it all put together and presented in such a professional way. Andy clearly takes pride in his work and will be recommended to every person I know!

  17. Steve Miranda says:

    Excellent and thorough home inspection done by Mr Ryder! Answered all questions via email and by phone. Highly recommended!

  18. Ava White says:

    Andy recently did a home inspection on a home my son and I want to buy. He was thorough and very willing to answer all of our many questions. We feel like we learned so much and are now confident in our choice of this home because we have a better picture of the home’s condition. Some issues were obvious, but others were not apparent to us–Andy made sure we knew about and understood them all. I would recommend Andy to everyone, whether you are purchasing a home or already own a home–he will help to you to know all about your home!

  19. Meghan Hartung says:

    Andy recently did a home inspection for us this past weekend and I must say he was very friendly, detail oriented and professional at all times. With this being my husband and I’s first home, we were extremely nervous and not sure what to expect. Andy quickly calmed our nerves and was quick to answer any questions we had, as well as explaining what he was finding throughout the inspection. We were presently surprised at the end of the inspection with a thorough presentation and video slideshow to incorporate the pictures of the things needing fixed. The turnaround time to get our home inspection report was super quick and that was the icing on the cake. It was nice not having to wait several days or weeks to get our report. Andy and Atlantic House Whisperer will come highly recommended to anyone looking for a home inspector!

  20. Walter says:

    Andy was friendly, thorough and detailed oriented. He allowed me to follow him around, ask questions, and make general comments without being annoyed. At the end of the inspection before he departed he provided a short slideshow of the items he identified which provided time to ask additional questions before seeing the written report. He was able to complete the detailed report within a few hours the next day (even on a Saturday). Everything was completed and presented in a professional manner. I would definitely recommend Andy to my friends and family to use.

  21. LaTresha Barksdale says:

    Andy recently inspected what I hope to be my future home. He was professional and thorough. This is my first home purchase so my emotions are running wild…from happy and excited to nervous and overwhelmed. Andy took the time to explain everything to me in detail and provided me with general information about homes and answered all of my questions without hesitation. Andy’s professional, yet jovial disposition made this a great experience. I would highly recommend this company to anyone needing a home inspection. Thank you Andy and Atlantic House Whisperer!

  22. Jim says:

    This was the first time I’ve ever purchased a home inspection. Andy was great. Very friendly to begin with and totally had my best interests in mind the whole time. Extremely knowledgable. His inspection was thorough and well documented. Made the process of starting conversations with the seller much easier. Thank you Andy!

  23. Jeffrey Warner says:

    Andy’s inspection saved my wife and I from a costly mistake. He discovered several issues not readily observable from a walk-through alone. Based on Andy’s inspection report, we were able to withdrawal our offer. And, a few weeks later, Andy performed another inspection on a different house that is in much better condition. Beyond the detailed written reports, I especially appreciated the on-line slide show summaries. They say pictures are worth a 1000 words. Pictures of issues discovered along with Andy’s voice-over description of the concern serves to explain problems in a manner that non-construction / carpentry experts can easily understand.
    If we should ever require another home inspection, Andy will be our first call.

  24. John Mazur says:

    Andy inspected my home earlier this month and did an excellent job. His inspection was very thorough and he was very knowledgable in a wide range of areas. I would definitely recommend him to friends looking to buy homes in the future and think the way he performs his inspection, explains his findings and prepares his report is excellent!

  25. says:

    I agree with all the above. Andy is meticulous. He inspected the home i want to buy as though it were his own. He detailed the problems in the order of concern and timliness as well as things that would bear watching in the future. He even went so far as to explain the reason why not to put a storm door in front of a wooden door…something that i never knew!
    I liked that he had pictures to go along with his report, and i look forward to reading it.
    Andy is a busy man, but well worth hiring to do something as important as a home inspection.
    Thumbs up and 4 stars from me!

  26. Craig says:

    Our overall experience with this inspection by Andy was very positive. Very thorough and professional. He basically had the report completed by the end of the inspection to include photographs. He made suggestions on items that really weren’t critical at all, but helpful. The presentation he made at the end of the inspection was very good, running through the report on his laptop. The inspection was in the morning and we had the final report that afternoon! Excellent! The reason you have a home inspection is to have a trained professional give you a credible opinion on the condition of the most critical components of a home, and Andy provided that along with the confidence that we were purchasing a solid home. The additional (free) service of running a recall check on all appliances is a great bonus. Very happy with the company and Andy. Was well worth the money paid. Very competitively priced. Would recommend to anyone looking to purchase a home.

  27. John Miller says:

    We thoroughly enjoyed working with Andy on the inspection of our new home. He was professional and friendly. We felt comfortable asking questions and all questions were answered to our utmost satisfaction. He showed a vast knowledge of home construction, wiring, heating, building codes, etc. that we knew we were getting the best advise for our money. His summary presentation was extremely helpful. I would highly recommend Andy and Atlantic House Whisperer to anyone who needs a professional and thorough home inspection.

  28. Kacie Zawistowski says:

    We absolutely LOVED working with Andy. He was friendly, knowledgeable and explained things to us in a way we could understand. He had a great sense of humor & allowed us to ask questions. I feel he did a very thorough inspection of our house & found even minor things that could have been overlooked. The price for the inspection was also very reasonable & he provided a great slide show after the inspection that was helpful. I would definitely recommend Andy!!

  29. wdoden says:

    Andy did a great job. His resultant report was both quick and very thorough.

  30. Roy Coulliette says:

    This is our third home that Andy has inspected. He inspected our home in Suffolk when we sold last summer and we were so impressed that we used Andy to inspect our Condo in Virginia Beach. So, naturally, we used Andy to inspect the Condo we are currently buying. He is very through in his inspections and answers all questions in a professional manner. His on site summary was very professional. He used his computer to cite areas of inspection with results and recommendations. His written report was through and professional and promptly submitted. He is highly recommended.

  31. Jeffrey and Erica Midgett says:

    Andy was recommended by our realtor. I was unable to attend the home inspection, but thankfully our husband was. This is our first home purchase so we are not very familiar with the process, let alone all of the possible issues that come along with a home inspection. Thankfully Andy was extremely thorough and took the time to explain certain issues to my husband while they were there. Andy was able to make us feel at ease with what absolutely needed to be fixed and what were “rookie” mistakes. Through the comprehensive and thorough report, I was able to understand as well and have complete confidence that our home will be safe and up to code. Thanks for everything! Highly recommended!

  32. . Rey S. Ginete says:

    I echo the past comments of previous clients. The service provided was done professionally and the report was very intensive and consistent to what homebuyers really need to know. The video presentation backs up very well his report. His insights on recommended repairs and replacement advisories are right on coupled with good source references to every category of items needing attention. Andy’s service is very well worth the cost and I would recommend him to any homebuyer in this area.

  33. Anne says:

    Informative. Best part: Andy didn’t talk DOWN to me, but he did answer my questions. Also- he’s likeable. He got right down to it and went over his findings with me before he issued the report, and the report matched exactly what we’d gone over. There’s a reason he was recommended! I would also recommend him.

  34. Jeff Shotwell says:

    Andy was fantastic! I was quite impressed with the level of detail and time he took on the house inspection and it definitely helped me to make an informed decision on purchasing our home. I don’t plan on ever moving again but if I did I would most certainly use the same company and request Andy to perform the inspection.

  35. Ryan Ross says:

    Andy was timely and punctual during the inspection as well as professional and personable. He did a thorough inspection and he concluded with a presentation of his findings in a very knowledgeable way. I feel he set up my wife and I to make the best informed decisions. I cant speak higher of Andy and his home inspection. I would recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection.

  36. Leah Gifford says:

    I cannot recommend Mr Rider enough. He was on time, very nice, professional, & extremely detailed. As a first time home buyer I had a million questions for him as did my family. He is very knowledgeable and thorough. Thank you Mr Rider!

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